Adventure Therapy - Live It!

Adventure therapy at its simplest is getting out in Nature!

 "Nature has a healing ability. " Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said this a few centuries ago.

          Adventure therapy is also breaking with routine, getting away from our normal rhythms and patterns 

Physical exercise, greenery and fresh air are beneficial. 

The ability to challenge yourself, to do something new and to learn new skills adds another dimension.

This process comes with a fancy title; "self efficacy,"but it simply means when you can do something new, you appreciate yourself a little bit more.

At the end of the day, our job is to bring out the best in You!

About Us...

Adventure Therapy Ireland began as a company in 2010. 

Being Ireland's first Adventure Therapy company often means explaining what adventure therapy is!

People understand that there is a potential to use talking therapies in an active manner, but have issues separating the difference between being an outdoor centre teaching "hard skills" and the use of outdoor skills as a backdrop for access to nature and building communication.

The "how it works" of adventurous activities, in a natural setting, to advance positive psychology takes a little longer to explain too.  Shows like "Bratcamp"and "Survivor"actually help because they give a general frame of reference,  No, we are not advocating dropping you off in the Burren and making you walk home, barefoot - that's for Rambo! We like tea, fresh air and reasonable trips into some nice places that are well within your capacity.

Perceptions are changing though! Nowadays there are more centres that operate similar programs.  From equine therapy to dance, play and music therapies, there is an understanding that these things are normal and might even be fun!

Key principles are a changed environment, interacting physically with nature and "reflective practice."  Reflective practice only means thinking about what you're doing.

We are community based.  That means that we know there are many skilled people who can bring learning and experience.  We want to be inclusive. We also want to be sustainable and "person centred." 

Person centered means that most people know the changes they want for themselves and if given the space, support and opportunity, can find the tools within themselves. We are also "ability" conscious, tailoring the needs of our program around the strengths of the person.  We are "can do" types!

We have deep green roots, feeling that rain will not kill us , nor will some fresh air do us too much harm, once we are properly dressed, that is.

We love Ireland and want to share this fantastic wild and windswept environment.

We also want to have a Worldwide view, taking the best of what works globally and adapting for local use.  On the flip side, we are quite happy and willing to share information, technique and knowledge.   We believe that it is through gaining knowledge, we learn. Through Self Knowledge, We Grow.


What is an Adventure?

.....Life is an Adventure....

An adventure is usually a break from routine. For each person it can be different. For many adventure summons up thoughts of daring on the high seas, high mountains and epic journeys, but it can be much simpler. 

It can be trying a new sport, or even a new activity.  It can be taking a trip outside after being all day on the computer. 

The possibilities for adventure are endless.  When our normal lives are tied to technology, nature offers many possibilities to step back and re-engage with our own nature, both internally and externally.

Some element of risk is involved in all adventures.  There is no gain without some risk,  But risk can be incremental, tailored to your own levels and abilit
ies.  Risk is inherent in learning, growing and development. 

I often tell the story of my mother, a feisty and determined lady, who was asked to speak publicly for the first time in her life in her mid fifties.

 As a psychotherapist, I am aware of the powerful "fight or flight" adrenaline response the body has to putting oneself out there in public. It was a challenge for which she needed to summon all of her courage.

For my mother, public speaking was a huge adventure! She did stand up in front of many people and speak, but it took learning, trial and error plus experience.

As our good friend Winnie the Pooh says; "Life is an awfully Big Adventure." 

 Live It!